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Are you having problems with procrastination? Are you wondering what you should write about? Enjoy these free resources to help you get unstuck.

Krystle Bowen


Edge of Wild, Encouragement for Foster Parents

"Jenna not only took the time to understand my vision, but who I was as a person in order to help guide me through the process of writing my first book. Whether you are a first time author, dabbling in the idea of writing, or a professional, Jenna's services are invaluable. I would recommend her for anyone looking to take that next step in their writing, whether for personal or professional reasons." 

Cheyla Breedlove

Writer, Photographer

Owner of Wheat Brothers Farms

Jenna has a way of opening up your creative process and digging deep to unveil your story. Her attention to connecting the reader and author is a driving force in her coaching technique. Her work ethic is incredible and her passion is seen in every interaction throughout the process. If you haven't decided on a writing coach, may I highly recommend Jenna to you? You will not be disappointed!

Gena Hansen


Founder of My Silver Nest

Owner of

"Jenna's deep knowledge of writing will quickly move you to do your best work. Her encouragement will drive you to dig deeper and do better. But her excitement and passion propels you to create writing you never thought possible. Whether you're a beginner just getting started, or a seasoned writer needing inspiration, I highly recommend Jenna."