I was bored. Not bored with life, just bored with myself. I wanted to change. I was ready to wake up to the beauty and wonder all around me, but I felt like I was living the same day over and over. How did I ignite my everyday life when money and time were limited? The answer came from somewhere I didn't expect.

- Jenna Benton, Author

Sherri E.

I love this book! Jenna is a gifted writer who really causes you to think. She challenges you without you feeling judged. She's hilarious and makes you laugh with her. I would highly recommend this book.

Janna R.

Awkward is a call and challenge to take risks - big and small. Jenna navigates the human heart's journey like an experienced yet humble guide...a book to be shared and re-read and applied in your daily life. Beautiful.

Alisha V.

Jenna is funny, poignant and honest. Her writing engages you from the first line and grips hold of you like a hug from a friend till the end. It also kicks your butt into action. Trust'll start to live life with a new perspective and you'll never go back.

Jenna Benton is the Editor of Distinctly Northwest Magazine, a little print magazine committed to highlighting and celebrating everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer. It is based in Medford, Oregon.  

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