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Start at $150

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Manuscripts revisions and collaborations

start at $5000. Let me help you

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Bill Maentz, Managing Member

5:00 Marketing Group

To do amazing creative work, you need to have words that jump, engage, and draw people in. When the copy must be perfect, I call Jenna. She takes a little input and turns it into an eloquent and meaningful story. In over 30 years of working with many talented people, Jenna has proven to be at the top of my list. She is intuitive, fun to work with, and dedicated to her craft.

Cindy Coloma

National Best Selling Author

Christy Award Finalist

I've hired Jenna on a wide variety of freelance projects, and I'm highly impressed by her ability to deliver quality work with a quick turnaround.  

Lindsay McPhail

Editorial Director

The Wild Woman Magazine

Jenna has this amazing way of translating our mission with every word she writes. Her writing moves me, and her storytelling is second to none.